16 September 2009

The Supplicating Voice pages 76-77

That a precept of courtesy is by no means unworthy of the gravity and dignity of an apostolic mandate, may be gathered from the pernicious effects which all must have observed to have arisen from harsh strictness and sour virtue; such as refuses to mingle in harmless gaiety, or give countenance to innocent amusements, or which transacts the petty business of the day with a gloomy ferociousness that clouds existence. Goodness of this character is more formidable than lovely; it may drive away vice from its presence, but will never persuade it to stay to be amended; it may teach, it may remonstrate, but the hearer will seek for more mild instruction.


  1. That's really very good. This Johnson fellow had some writing talent.

  2. He certainly did. It's a pity that sort of sonority has gone out of the language.